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The Not So Secret Diary of H.M. Jackson

Does anyone know how to cancel this subscription to “adulting” I was somehow signed up for? I must have forgot to cancel before the free trail ended. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? No? 


Life is, well - like the ocean. There are ups and downs, you never know what will come your way, so all you can do is Catch the Waves. Good, Horrible, Devastating, Amazing - regardless of what comes crashing your way, you have to go with the flow and adapt. Or as I look at it - You have to Catch the Waves.


Welcome to my blog, also known as, my not so secret diary. Here - I share life experiences, my passion for mental health, love for poetry and random stories that I am sure will provide for a laugh or two. Basically, expect a little bit of everything, we are getting real. So Hang on, or I guess - Hang Loose and enjoy the show as I Catch the Waves on this crazy ride called Life! ​


-H.M. Jackson 

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