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The PT Chronicles

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

I have quite the history of sports injuries. I have torn multiple ligaments that have required surgery over the last 15 years, so as you can imagine I spend a lot of time in the Physical Therapy Office. I am a lucky one because I will argue my PT office is 12/10. In addition to rehabbing the injury, the staff make the experience 100 times better. Especially, when you have to spend as much time in PT as I do, building the rapport and being able to shoot the shit, vent, or cry if it has been one of those weeks - make the time you spend an adventure. Enter the PT Chronicles - because there are too many good laughs to not capture them.

My PT is Makenzie and I have to say she is a trooper. Well, that is when she is not bullying me for having a "wittle ear infection." Makenzie has dealt with me being late to almost all my 6am appointments, well and with me no showing all together when I’d oversleep. There are only so many times I can walk in late bearing apology coffee, (although, I’d like to clarify I am on a much better on time streak).

Her tech, Talon, well he is a trooper too. I am one of those people who talk a lot of trash, but only to the people I enjoy being around. I’m sure in the beginning Talon was over my shit talking. He probably asked Makenzie why he had to work with me at first. I give him a hard time a lot, but we spend a lot of time together during the appointments. There are many times I shoot the shit without thinking and have a sarcastic comment to make, like the time I beat Talon in a basketball game of PIG and felt the need to announce to the entire clinic, Talon was not only beat by a crippled, but by a crippled who doesn't even have an ACL (sorry Talon, might be time to spend more of your lunch break shooting hoops). Regardless of if he chooses to admit it, I think I am one of the favorites. Like Makenize, Talon jumps in and gives me shit back which is all the fun now.

It’s not just the direct team I work with that I’ve gotten to know over the last few months. I have gotten to know the entire clinic. They will all give me a run for my money when the opportunity presents, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jayden, another PT, commonly has a sarcastic comment to make when I stroll in on time (I don’t know, maybe I truly was that bad showing up to my appointments - sorry Makenzie). They all hear the tea I come in and spill, and even sometimes the office manager, Kay, gives me a good chuckle as I come in and she can’t wait to hear the newest developments.

Makenzie has listened to me rant about stressful days at the office when I was changing jobs (which was more likely me just dropping F bombs out of frustration) and she went easy on me when I was going through my breakup and had no desire to really do anything. She is truly more than just a PT and has been an instrumental part in my life the last five months. Aside from listening to me, which as I write about some of these experiences, I am realizing she is slightly more awesome than I thought (Gerard - you should give her a raise), she always has some piece of advice to give. On that note, I will share a piece of her advice, always buy big purchase items from Costco because even after two years, you can duct tape your couch together and return it.

⎻ H.M. Jackson

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