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The PT Chronicles - How I Made Enemies

Here we go, a new week, which means another PT appointment in the books.

This morning I had half the clinic really happy with me, and the other half of the clinic I made enemies with. Oops. On my way this morning, I decided to stop to grab coffee. I sent Makenzie a quick text to ask if she, Talon or Avery wanted something. Of course, they did, (who doesn't need a little pick me up in the morning), so I walked into the clinic bearing drinks. As you can imagine, Makenzie, Avery and Talon were thrilled, but a few others were not. I didn’t make it very far before Kay, and the front office started to harass me for forgetting about them. Let’s be real, Gerard is the clinic director, but I think if we had to guess, we all know Kay runs the roost around there (so not one to have on your bad side). I deserved the shots thrown my way, so I didn’t have a defense to put up.

Makenzie and I hit the floor to start with exercises. You see, my next knee surgery is coming up in less than a month. It will be another invasive surgery, and with my luck, I own a three-story townhome (yes, what a great choice for me to purchase, I didn’t think that one through). Makenzie wanted to practice walking stairs with crutches since I will be non-weight bearing for several weeks. So, we spent time practicing, and she assigned homework to practice between sessions. I told her I will keep tallies on how many times I fall while practicing because let’s be honest, it’s me, I will definitely fall, I trip on stairs without crutches.

Today also happened to be media day for the clinic. They had an individual there to snap a few photos. Makenzie had me sign the release, and I exclaimed to her I should definitely be featured since I’m such a loyal patient, I mean I have been using the same company for 15 years! (I don’t know though, if it’s up to Kay, I’m probably axed since she is salty with me). As I continued working through exercises, I received more shots about forgotten drink orders from others in passing (I will probably never live it down).

I hit the table at the end to have some dry needling done. Avery was back there too, and I have to say at least the days of being stuck in PT create awesome friendships. Avery and I were giving Alex a hard time as the opportunities arose. First, it started with Alex and Jayden being salty about the drink orders, and then continued with them being salty they didn’t know about last week’s PT Chronicles Post. I told them I can't help they are slackers, (maybe they don’t want to read about how awesome Makenzie is). Then, it ended with Alex laying on the floor. No joke. There’s this big fence in the clinic and someone asked how long it is. Alex had the perfect idea to measure it (and it was not getting a tape measure). He laid down across the floor, lined up with the fence, using his height to estimate the fence length. I truly wish I had my phone on me because watching him lay on the floor was hilarious. Makenzie, shaking her head, had the brilliant idea of someone grabbing the tape measure. Leave it to her to have the common sense, but only after letting Alex lay across the floor (honestly, she had to let it happen, it’s a very Alex move).

There is never a dull moment on PT days. I’m always guaranteed a good laugh, no matter if it is from something I said, or from someone hitting me with a jab (which I deserve most of the time). As stressed as I am with the upcoming surgery in a couple weeks, at least I have a great clinic to look forward to rehabbing at (and it will be more than one day a week, so who knows how many stories we have to look forward to).

⎻ H.M. Jackson

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