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The PT Chronicles - Oops! My bad.

I recently had the second surgery for the sports injury I endured earlier this year. The last few weeks have been rougher then I anticipated, especially the first week of PT. However, I again can be grateful for the PT practice for bringing me laughs, even when I stir up trouble or try and twist words. Note to everyone, you have to be very specific when giving me directions because I will find the loop hole.

Yes, I only needed to be back in the PT office for less then a week to cause trouble up front. Recently, they added a computer at the desk to check in addition to signing your name on the clipboard. I crutched my way in last week, and Kay asked me to please use the computer to check in (but you could tell she knew I was not going to like this). She was right, I hate change. I eventually adapt, but at first, I hate it, I grunt, I complain, and try to force it away. For Kay, I was willing to do what she asked, I reluctantly click the button to check in, and let me tell you, I was not ready for what was coming.

A lady jumped up on the screen, and before anything was said I turned to Kay exlclaiming, "Oh no, I hate this, I will never do this again, this is stupid!" You could see Kay's expression drop with embarassment as her palm covered her face and she muttered, "Hayley, that's a real person....." Shocked, I replied, "WHAT?! I thought this was some virtual thing." I honestly expected it to be a self service technology, or an AI individual, not a real person. Man, hopefully I wasn't her first patient of the day, other wise her morning was runined. I turned around and faced the lady on the screen who quietly asked my last name. Well, I had already made an ass of myself, so might as well keep being honest, right? I nicely apologized to her before turning to Kay and confirming, "seriously, this is horrible, awful, I will never do this again." Kay had zero words, but behind me, Gerard stood, hysterically laughing. I think he almost had tears running down his face as he said "That was the best thing I have ever experienced. I wish I had it on video."

I felt awful! I felt awful for being an ass to the innocent girl on the other end, and I felt awful for Kay (bless her soul that she knows me, and takes me with a grain of salt). Two days later I hopped into the clinic to be greeted by Gerard asking me, 'um excuse me ma'am, did you check in on the kiosk?" I shook my head as I headed back.

If you've read the blog before, you know my PT is Makenzie, and I will stand by this statement - she is greatest PT to exist. She listens to me complain about pain from surgery, life in general since I've been couped up for the last few weeks, the dumb check in kiosk, and my wild stories - like when I tried to hit on my orthopedic surogeouns MA by accident at the bar last week. That's a true story, a girl walked into the bar that I recognized from somewhere and I thought it was from another bar in the area. I causally asked her if she worked there, and she said no, but that she knew me from somewhere. We stood for a few seconds looking at each other trying to figure out before she said, "wait, you're Harper, right?" Confused, "yes," I answered. "I'm you're MA! You just had surgery!" Welp, so glad I could run into my MA at the bar a couple weeks post-op! But hey, Makenzie was here for it. She'll listen to the craziness, and send you pictures of her adorable dogs when you're dying in pain from recovery. And, she'll forgive me when I slightly find a loop hole and don't follow the rules 100% of the time.

Until next week, and don't worry, there will not be a story of me roasting the check in girl at the kiosk because I will never use it again. Sorry, Kay.

⎻ H.M. Jackson

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