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I'm H.M. Jackson, but you can call me "H" for short. ​


This is my very random, not so secret diary of anything and everything.​

My personal struggle with mental health is what initially fueled my passion for  it. I know how it real it can be along with the whirlwind of emotions it brings. ​We need the good 'ol fashion days of community back, does anyone still borrow a cup of sugar from their neighbor?  


Somewhere along the way, I found comfort in writing - stories, poetry, music. You can be whoever you want when writing. My hope is all the randomness I share on my journey, impacts someone somewhere - either a laugh or providing comfort in knowing you aren't alone.  


So here I am! Sharing the highs, lows, embarrassing stories, and everything else in between, along with trying to figure out this adulting in your mid 20's. (Side note, does anyone have a How To Adult Manual?) ​ 


And at times, you'll hear stories from my best friend, who is also very passionate about mental health, really health care in general and an extremely talented writer.  


​- H.M. Jackson 

Harper Max Jackson 

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