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The PT Chronicles - The Unofficial Financial Guru

For only having an hour PT appointment there are always so many stories that accumulate. Especially in yesterday’s session. I’m not sure how so much happens in one session, but hey, it sure makes the time fly.

When I first walked in, Kay was hassling me for not attending the appointment the day prior (to be fair I canceled that appointment a whole day early this time), but she definitely had to give me a hard time or it wouldn’t be the same. As I was building my case to Kay, Makenzie noticed I had walked in and was yelling at me to come down. Don’t be fooled that she was excited to see me, she only wanted to see the t-shirt I had worn. This is because I warned her it was specially picked for PT. The shirt read “my therapist and I talk shit about you.” I told her, “Just pretend it says physical therapist, but it’s an accurate depiction.”

My day job, outside of beating Talon in a game of hoops, is in the financial planning field. I have a wide variety of knowledge in that area and am definitely known as a numbers nerd among my friends. Every once in a while during my appointment, they will throw a finance question at me and I’ll answer it. I find finance fun so it’s never a worry, I truly enjoy it. A few minutes into sitting down and they threw a loan question my way. This time it was Alex (he’s another PT) who had a couple questions. The question was based on hypotheticals in the future, but I had to ask a few clarifying questions to get an understanding before I could answer. “You’re single right?” He responded, “ya, but in 25 years I’d like to think I’ll be married.” Me, being me, responded “well, ya, but you could be married and divorced by that time.” Oops. My bad Alex! Being the nerd I am, I asked for scratch paper, so I could write out the numbers and different examples. I’m somehow the unofficial financial guru of the clinic (but hey, I got anyone’s back in the clinic anytime)!

While I had been talking through the information with Alex, Jayden jumped in to explain he already said the same thing earlier, but Alex told him he wanted the information from the expert (that’s me, not Jayden clearly hahaha). As much as I don’t want to give it to Jayden, he was on the right path (but don’t tell him I said that, it will give him a big ego).

Once my financial guru session was over, Makenize happened to have a new student with her she needed to introduce me to. She couldn’t just leave it at a normal introduction, she had to go the extra step “this is H, she parties with my students all the time.” Woooooow. I immediately went to defend that statement, and explained it’s not my fault I’m enjoying retirement which involves playing pinball and darts. I added she should give her students a hard time for not being knee deep in their books. Makenzie (of course) had to run down the list of times she’s received ‘my amazing’ selfies when I run into a student of hers, but Gerard (the clinic director) at least jumped in on my side to defend me (about time he did!). Then, Makenize ran down the list of exercises for me to start on, so I headed out to the floor to begin. Usually, Talon joins once I am on the floor, except this time, Talon totally forgot I was even there and abandoned me the first half of the appointment (thanks man). It’s a good thing I am a PT pro since I have been going for 15 years.

In all seriousness, I am so lucky to have such an amazing PT clinic because this most recent injury is a long road to recovery, and it would be awful if I didn't enjoy the office!

Until next time,

⎻ H.M. Jackson

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