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The PT Chronicles - I Deserved That

Oddly enough, I have a tendency to stick my foot in my mouth. I know, shocker, huh? After boasting all last week that I haven't been late to PT in months, and I should have a better 'on time' reputation now, I was late to this week's appointment. I shook my head as I entered the clinic because I knew I deserved every piece of smack talk that was coming my way. Makenzie, also shaking her head (definitely shaking it at me, and not with me) greeted me with "Wow, nice of you to join us." Yup, I definitely deserved that. (I still think since I was so early to the last several appointments, I should have a freebie to use).

The better part of the story is why I was late, and I learned Talon has more faith in me then Makenzie. The clinic has had a couple PT students that have done their clinical hours with Makenzie, so I've gotten to know them at some of my appointments. A few weeks ago, I was up the street playing darts at the dive bar. I ran into the former PT Student that was at the clinic last, of course this meant we had to take a picture and send it in a PT Group Chat. Makenzie didn't see the pictures until the next morning because she said and I quote, "Lol if you thought this grandma was actually awake to see this." Fast forward to Monday night, I was at the Arcade Bar playing pinball (I have been trying to beat a high score on one of the machines) and I run into the current PT student that had been doing his clinical hours with Makenzie, and this student happened to be out with a group of his friends who were also all classmates of his. When I finished my game of pinball, I walked over and shouted "Yo! Which of you guys have Dr. Makenzie?" Hands raised, and I followed with "Group pic!" I sent it in a group chat with the caption "Your students be wildin," except Makenzie responded the next morning "you be wildin'. Does this mean you're not coming in?" (Ouch, the audacity that she thought I would miss an appointment! I'm responsible).

While I did show up to the appointment, I did show up late (to be fair, I also needed to stop for gas), but I still deserved all the comments about me showing up late. Especially after last week when I shouted how on time I had been. Talon came over and made a comment to Makenzie, "bet you're happy you didn't take that bet." Now curious, and just nosy, I decide to chime in, "what was the bet?" Talon said Makenize didn't think I would show up at all, but he had faith in me, because he tried to bet her that I would (thanks for having my back Talon). Shocked, I turned around in disbelief, "really Makenzie?! Come on, of course I'd show." She kindly (not really, it was sarcastically) reminded me of my horrible track record of no shows when I had 6am appointments. She's not wrong, so I couldn't even come up with a sarcastic come back, and then she said, "you're just out here partying with all the PT students." I turned back and replied, "Hey now, I am not, I just go to the same places, I can't control they aren't knee deep in their books!"

While I did ruin my on-time streak, I deserved the smack talk that followed. I still think all my days of showing up early should wash out and give me a pass on being late.

⎻ H.M. Jackson

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